"It Is Good to be Prepared" When Survival & Emergency Situations Are Aganist Us


In the recent years, we have experienced an unfortunate amount of natural disasters.  When Hurricane Sandy strike and left our town powerless for weeks.  It was difficult to prepare a meal even in your own home. Magic Cook Cooker was the perfect solution.

After years of R&D and the feedbacks gathered from our customers.  Our newest generation lunch box and bottle are made of high heat resistance double wall PC with Stainless Steel compartment.  We set the standard on durability.

We understand out door lovers like Campers required a lightweight compact cooker that is easy to carry.  With our multifunction lunch box and cup, by insert ice cubes or ice pack on the bottom tray.  This would ensure that your meal will remain cool and fresh without ice melting over your food.  When it is time to heat up , simply place a magic pack and your hot meal will be ready within 10-20 min.

Magic Cook Is the most versatile container ever. For everyday life to emergency survival. It is good to be Prepared.