Take Magic Cook everywhere. Camping, fishing, hunting, boating, school, office & military.

Out in the cold without any heat source?  With Magic Cook, you just add water to start cooking anywhere in the out of doors.  Simply place a Magic Cook heat pack into the bottom of the plastic container, then add water.  

Place the stainless steel container with your food onto the plastic container and seal the lid. Within seconds you'll see the water begin to boil and cook your meal. The space between the outer plastic container and inner stainless steel container fills with hot water and steam to heat up your food. 

With this simple process you can use Magic Cook anywhere to heat anything from coffee and tea within 10 minutes to frozen foods within 25 minutes.  This lets you enjoy a hot meal anywhere without the need for electricity, flames or heavy cooking equipment.  It is the safest and easiest way to enjoy a hot meal or hot drink wherever you go!