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Alex Kahn has been climbing since childhood and climbs outside as often as she can. With an active lifestyle, often spent in colder temperatures, convenient cooking and camping gear are important. Alex is a professional rock climber, a freelance photographer, videographer, writer and marketing consultant. and


Paul Robinson Growing up in New Jersey, it seemed that becoming a professional rock climber was going to be quite an unlikely sport for Paul. He never gave up on his aspirations.  With the help of family and friends he has gotten to the place where he is today.  Paul was just a scrawny little boy who went to the gym with his father every day  having the time of his life, climbing on plastic holds using a twenty foot rope. Then he began competing in indoor rope climbing competitions. Paul competed in this climbing circuit for about three years without any great success. Feeling discouraged he moved on from rope climbing to the newest form of climbing and what would soon become the most popular - bouldering. Paul finally had found his place in the climbing world through bouldering. He began to travel the world in search of all the most amazing climbs and competing both nationally and internationally. Social media: