Health benefits of Magic Cook

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Health benefits of Magic Cook:

Most people do not know that the high heat produced by microwaving and surface heating that includes broiling, toasting, etc. is often very unhealthy. The heat changes the food and results in advanced glycation end products (AGEs). This is extensively documented in the evidence base scientific studies surrounding this area.
Steaming, boiling, and stewing avoid this problem mostly as the temperature never goes above the boiling point i.e. it reduces the production of AGEs as we prepare our foods. Most prepared/canned food is badly laden with AGEs already from its processing.
Magic Cook has eliminated one of the barriers we face in preparing fresh food in a healthy way. Now we just need to plan and prepare/obtain that healthy food to cook with Magic Cook anywhere we happen to be.
Magic Cook is an innovative product way ahead of its time. It offers potential for great benefit to one’s health no matter where they are or what their lifestyle may be. Those of us with chronic disease problems can use Magic Cook as a means of always having healthy food available no matter where we might be.
~Dr. Joseph B. Gentzel, PT, DPT ~

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